Induction cap sealing is a non-contact heating process that accomplishes the hermetic sealing of a bottle with a cap that includes a heat-sealable foil liner. In most applications, packagers purchase foil lined caps from a cap supplier. The cap supplier will usually recommend the most effective cap / liner combination for your product to provide tamper evidence, preserve freshness and prevent leakage.

When the cap / liner is placed on the bottle and the bottle passes under an induction coil which emits a varying electro-magnetic field. As the bottle passes under the inducted by the electro-magnetic field, but the seal film of foil liner is heated and attached onto the lip of bottle by the induction coil. When cooled, the seal film creates a bond with the bottle resulting in a sealed product.

Application for non-metal material glass containers or plastic bottles, such as ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, PS, PVC.., etc. Especially applicable for foods, soft drinks, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.







1. Sealing process is fast and efficient. Even there is little moisture, greasy dirt or powder dirt on the opening of the bottle, it also can seal the opening effectively.
2. Aluminum foil automatic detecting facility will send out a warning automatically whenever it detects that there is no aluminum foil? in the bottle cap to prevent the unsealed products flowing out the production line.
3. It is safe in use. Equipment is loaded with the protection settings for over electric flow, over electric flow, over electric pressure, overload output. Frequency falls in 25-50 KHZ and is harmless to human bodies.
4. Simple and easy to use. All functions are clearly labeled on the display board, and it is handy to operate.
5. Modular component design minimizes the maintenance requirement.
6. Easy adjustment by simple button setup or different size of product.
7. The IGBT/MOS-FET module provides high efficiency, lower power consumption and long service life.
8. Suitable outer diameter of the plastic screw cap : 20mm – 120mm.
9. Height of sealing coil is adjustable, flexible for most of bottle height.



The high frequency heat treatment device is designed for heating partial surface of an workpiece by inductive current. It also provides quenching and tempering heat treatments to achieve high hardness on workpiece surface with high stiffness inside the workpiece. The device consists of high frequency generator, heating coil and workpiece clomping mechanism, High efficiency induction heating provides fast heating to a high temperature, and high hardness layer. The high frequency induction heating maybe restricted by the workpiece shape, and not always all workpieces can be applied by the high frequency heat treatment.





AUTOMOTIUE INDUSTRY >> crank shaft, cam shaf air gate, start fly wheel, air gate rod, Splined shaft, chain wheel, wheel shaft, speed change gear, universal joint, pinion of steering mechanism, shaft, ball joint, horn and pin.
PRECISION INDUSTRY >> Slidways, spindles, gear shafts, transmission shaft, hand tools, precision tools, sawblades, partial heat treatmenyt of part and irregular parts etc.
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