APPLICATIONmulti-function induction heat treating equipment he-50 APPLICATION

For silver welding and local annealing for shafts and small gears.

FEATURES multi-function induction heat treating equipment he-50 FEATURES

1. A compact machine consists of heating power unit, quenching station, quenching liquid circulation system and water circulation system. Low electric induction area and maximum safety guard.
2. Suitable for local, continuous surface and sectional quenching, tempering and welding for various workpieces.
3. Featuring high efficiency, easy operation, small footprint and fast setup. Especially ideal for mass production of small parts.

SPECIFICATIONS multi-function induction heat treating equipment he-50 SPECIFICATIONS

  Part Length Part Weight Frequency Power Indexing Table
HE-50 400 MM 5 Kg 20-80 KHZ 20-100 KW 6-12
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