APPLICATIONMOVABLE TYPE induction heat treating equipment hb30 APPLICATION

Suitable for silver welding for small gears, shafts and forging parts. Also suitable for bar, tempering, The machine is especially ideal for small lots flexible heating applications for medium and small parts. Providing four power outputs to choose from-12KW, 30KW, 50KW and 80KW. Choice of various frequencies up to 300KHZ.

FEATURES MOVABLE TYPE induction heat treating equipment hb30 FEATURES

1. Full solid state power generator combined with modular construction feature maximum operation convenience.
2. Available to employ IGBT or MOS FET power unit. Compact construction, high performance and low power consumption. Suitable for metal heating and temperature raising.

SPECIFICATIONS MOVABLE TYPE induction heat treating equipment hb-30 SPECIFICATIONS

Max. Out Power Max. Input Power Frequency Dimensions Net Weight
30 KW / 50 KW 33 KVA / 80 KVA 20-300 KHZ 900 x 500 x 400 MM 25 Kg

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